How To Deal With Yawle TCP Error?

If you are getting a yawle TCP error code on your PC, why not take a look at these troubleshooting ideas.

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    I- tested method(s):

    You need 2 LAN emulators: BattleLan and (blan) Yawle (google it).

    2- Go to “Game” -> “Local Sports” -> first try joining those with only Yawle. If this is not possible, go to step 3.

    4- “Performance” tab, select “Back” -> “Action” -> “Check Port” and make sure it’s 6112.

    5- Back to next game, now there is 1 . 5 games from one host. Yawle will recognize you and, of course, BLan will recognize you. Join those who are easy to see. The one you can combine belongs to BLan (usually the second one).

    This method is to simply use Yawle to detect games using BLan.

    Another way is to connect directly to the VPN and use Yawl, especially if you’re playing on a wireless device, because the wireless connection can’t use BLan (BLan may automatically turn off when you press Flow if your wireless network is on).< /p >

    II- Common problems: 1- Firewall. If the firewall program is disabled or you do not keep it, check the built-in One by one: (1) Click “Start”, “Run”, type “Firewall .cpl”, and then click OK. (2) On the General tab, click Disabled (not recommended), then click OK.

    2- They are wireless, intended for a LAN point or vice versa: or there is a problem with NUS synchronization. Some wireless networks cannot connect through LAN points. You need to use a LAN hotspot and the host doesn’t need to host the game if it’s connected to a wireless network.

    3- Yawle TCP/IP Error: This is because you started wc3/blan/lancraft before Yawle. These 3 packages will scan the host like Yawl and cause conflicts. If you plan to work with Yawle, run Yawle -> wc3 in order.

    III – Other method(s): (not tested by me, added by today’s players)

    matrempit wrote:

    You can also try this.. use it completely..; .. this is great

    if you don’t see the yaw line in…

    1. 2 Get copies of Yawle that are on your computer

    2. Immediately after the first failure, turn off WC3 and that yawn, connect to the VPN and immediately disconnect

    3. try another copy of yawle

    it somehow works for me, but I don’t know why

    matrempit wrote:

    You can also think about it.. Use Yawle all the time.. lol.. It’s amazing

    2. After your first current one goes down, go to wc3 and that zipper, connect to VPN and disconnect immediately

    It works for all of us, but I don’t know why

    Useful DoTA tools:Download herehereStrat yawle.exe (or desktop shortcut) since Warcraft 3.
    In the Server IP field, enter the IP address of the host. When the “Local proxy server is set” indicator turns green, press the “Start” button.

    In the game, select “LAN”, in the “Games” field, select the game and simply “Click this “Join game” button.”

    If you are the host, don’t start the lancraft process, but you can start the game host helper called Battle.Lan


    Red – inactive

    Yellow – scanning
    Green – connecting/connecting

    To play Warcraft 3 with Lancraft, you must unlock slot 6112 in your firewall. Up

    Configuring the firewall inWindows XPSetting up a firewall in Windows 7/Vista

  • yawle tcp error

    I should definitely have this problem effectively participating in Lancraft games. It may still look like the 11/12 People, maybe even if it’s just one man or one woman. Scanning on Lancraft is also not constant, it can switch between scanning and connected … This is suxt. Please help me.

    Also, when I use Yawl, I get a TCP error… Can anyone help me? I really want to play.

  • I suggest using Zion or Hamachi if Lancraft is giving you too much trouble.

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  • Originally posted on Shade343:

    I suggest using Zion or Hamachi if Lancraft causes too many health issues.

    strange delay when using hamachi with lancraft

  • Originally posted by Skyfoo:

    weird delay since I’m using Hamachi instead of Lancraft

    Hmm… strange.

  • Oh, definitely an idea… This is the third Halloween party program, we don’t know how to make it easier for you…

    yawle tcp error

    Try other versions of lancraft. Workaround: Buy

    best original and bnet..

  • How do I let them use Hamachi to visit the location? How is Lancraft? Insert IP, but also stuff..

    Is the router affecting my connection?

  • Buy original.

    Don’t play for free…

    First you buy a TV show from me and make me pay back $10…

  • hamachi loves it when you connect to someone else’s workspace. then you will be able to play on the new LAN as if you were on the LAN. very easy to get… just create or join a network

  • I have a constant problem with not being able to join Lancraft games. It will still show up as People 11/12 even if there is only one person. Scanning directly into Lancraft is also non-sequential, everything alternates between scanning and connecting… it is. Please help me.

    CrAlso, when I use Yawle, I get a TCP error… Can anyone help? I really want to play.

    I suggest using Zion or Hamachi if Lancraft is giving you too much trouble.

    Original message from shadow343:

    I suggest using Zion or Hamachi if Lancraft is giving you a lot of extreme trouble.

    Originally posted by Skyfoo:

    strange, I have lags like Hamachi Lancraft

    Enjoy a faster