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    If you have seen wow macro deletion error interface, this article will help you.

    Macro Formatting Guidelines

    wow macro clear error ui

    Note: in version 6.0.2, many spells have been renamed for a while, and much of the script command functionality has changed. To keep Wowpedia posts up to date, double-check and re-post macros that work in the current post.

    Restore Old Macros

  • follow the format demo below (to have our border around your macro, add a last space before running it)
  • describe what he usually does
  • note the version of WoW you tested it on
  • Remove website from old macros page
  • Macro Example

    /y hooray, I created a macro!

  • Usage: yells “Hooray, I made some macro!”
  • Works in version 6.x
  • Useful Macros

    Change Language

    /run small town s,g,f=select,GetLanguageByIndex,DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME.editBox;local c,d,dd,r,rr=f.languageID,s(2,g(2)),g(2) ,s(2,g(1)),g(1);if d, then f.languageID=(c==d and t or d);print("Says language 124cff88ff44"..(c== d three quarters and or dd)); end;

  • Source: Telarrus, US MoonGuard. Based on [email protected] source codendre.
  • Usage: Smart link between default language and racing language for the races you have. Doesn’t matter for monolingual events.
  • Works up to version 7.3.5
  • Select Language

    /run local f,g,s=DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME.editBox,GetLanguageByIndex,select;local h=f.languageID;for i=1,GetNumLanguages(),1 will be fs(2,g(i))== h , then f.languageID=(s(2,g(i+1)) plus s(2,g(1)) print("Speaking: 124cff88ff44"..(g(i+1) or g(1) ))) problem area end end;

  • Image courtesy of Kiingy [email protected] Edit the appropriate language macro starting from the top.
  • Usage: For those with only 2 different languages, it switches between them. For kids over 3, this means swiping through each one and switching to the next language with a single click.
  • Works around 8.0.1 for both factions and for almost all races/classes.
  • Swapping Talents, Equipment And Stances

    Dual-Spec-If Current Talent Exchange(

    /run GetActiveTalentGroup() == 1 ), then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Spec1...");SetActiveTalentGroup(2) another DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Spec2...");SetActiveTalentGroup(1) end/in 6 /equipset [spec:2]Eq1;Eq2

  • Source: Earthsoul of Thunderhorn, many thanks to Desiday by Antonidas for the inspiration
  • Use: Quick swaps your talent’s primary and secondary stats.
  • Also changes all of your equipped sets, only the name of Eq1 needs to be changed in addition to Eq2.
  • Works in version 3.1.1
  • Here’s an idea that puts assembly before specs (might avoid some bugs):

    /equipset[spec:1]PSS; SS/usetalents [spec: 1] 2; [spec: 2] 1

    You only need to purchase the PSS to replace it with the name of your main spec set, in addition to the SSS with your awesome secondary spec set name.

    Swap Equipment, Talents And Stance

    This macro changes your talent stat and puts it in the appropriate gear in combination with position.

    /equipset [spec:1] ; 
    /cast [spec:1] ;
    /usetalents [spec: 1] 2; one

    It’s actually an alternate version of Fury that Warriors can’t use due to Griptitanium. Touching with the left finger changes the characteristics of the talent, swapping right strike and walking.

    #show [spec:1] ; [spec:2] /usetalents [button: 1, specification: 1] 2; [button: 1, specification: 2] 1/equipset [button: 2, specification: 1] set 
    ; [button: 2, specification: 2] /cast [spec:1] ; [spec:2]

    One-button specification, stand and easy gear change fit Furry Warriors Titan’s Grip

    /cast [stance: 3] defensive stance; [Position: 1] Berserker Stance/usetalents [spec: 1] 2; [spec: 2] 1/in 5.30 /equipset [spec:1] Tank; DPS

    Change Portable Device

    You may find yourself in a situation where you have a two-handed weapon with the same name, although it contains different poisons, and everyone wants to instantly switch between them. Or maybe you’re just looking for an alternative between two two-handed weapons that only offer a hotkey.

    #showtooltip [mod] 16; 17/equipment 17 0 16

  • Store your dagger merchandise in the sixteenth port (lower right corner) of your most important backpack (far right).
  • Numra 17 is where you can leave the weapon slot.
  • #showtooltip will show the main macro icon and a tooltip with the equipped weapon icon or press a modifier key (e.g. li>
  • Works in version 3.2.2
  • Suppress And Print Error Messages

    And An Audio Error Message

    wow macro clear error ui

    If you spam a spell, someone will get noises and error messages, which can be annoying. If you use the macro below, you will avoid most of them.This example is a macro that your family can use to spam Arcane Missiles. It will not mute a recently cast Arcane Missile, constantly play an error sound, and/or spam you with on-screen error messages.

    /console 0/run sound_enablesfx UIErrorsFrame:UnregisterEvent("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE")/cast [nochanneling:Arcane Missiles] Arcane Missiles/Run UIErrorsFrame:RegisterEvent("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE")/console Sound_EnableSFX 1

  • Source: Vermin of Talnivarr.
  • Usage: Modify the third one to help you put in whatever spell you want when you need to spam.
  • Works in version 3.3,but at least one or two bugs probably won’t be fixed with this macro.
  • Missing Error Text Or Sound (Improved)

    For people who usually use macro CDs for spells like animal attacks, trinkets, incessant potions, etc., it becomes annoying to spam with the message “This ability is not always ready” and this funny audio quality bug . I have seen a generic online cleaner (similar to the macro above) that solves exactly this problem with a single problem that is almost as bad as the problem it solves.

    For people who don’t have audio playback, these macros will be active whenever you use them. So here is my solution:

    /run sfx=GetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX");/console Sound_EnableSFX 0/cast exampleTrinket1/cast ExampleSpell2Execute /UIErrorsFrame:Clear()run /setCVar("Sound_EnableSFX",sfx);

    The overall effect is the same, unfortunately, my macro will check what sound is currently set to help you (on or off), turn it off due to an error, and thenThis will reset the device to where you put it. If (e.g. your sound was already muted, a phrasing error is avoided without turning the sound back on only at the end)

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