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    If you’re getting a Raw Device Error code, today’s blog post is here to help. Sometimes it takes a while for your computer’s hard drive, portable hard drive, USB drive, SD card, or other cool external storage device to suddenly become RAW. When your hard drive becomes RAW, it means your hard drive is no longer partitioned with a compatible file system such as NTFS or FAT32.

    Applies to: local/external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, memory cards, etc. View

    “RAW File Policy. CHKDSK Is Not Ready To Work With Drives Raw.”

    You can specify “File platform type – RAW. CHKDSK is not available for Raw drives.” Errors when families try to use CHKDSK to check for and fix disk errors such as file system errors and bad sectors.

    Do you know the error shown in the image above? This message means that you were unable to run CHKDSK on your drive due to a problem with your device’s file structure.

    What Does The RAW File System Mean?

    How do I fix a RAW USB?

    Connect the USB key to your computer.Go to This PC (on Windows 10).Click the Tools tab, then click Scan.In the Error Checking window, select “Scan and sort disk” and wait for the process to complete.Connect your USB drive to your amazing computer.

    How do I fix a RAW USB without formatting?

    Method #1: Update the vehicle operators for the external hard drive.Method #2: Format RAW partition to NTFS/FAT32/exFAT/EXT4 using DiskGenius Free.Method #4: Check and fix bad sectors.Method #5: Delete the RAW partition and create a new partition.

    The RAW file system is now a file system that your new computer cannot recognize. The following are some of the reasons why your hard drive or storage device such as a USB stick or memory card shows the file system as RAW:

  • File system missing or corrupted
  • The RAW drive has not been formatted in the file system recently
  • The desktop does not see the current disk file array.
  • raw device error

    If your hard drive or media becomes RAW, CHKDSK activation will fail and you will get the message “The file system type is indeed RAW. CHKDSK is not available to receive Raw drives.” When you try to open the drive, you may get a notification saying “You need to format your drive X hard drive before you can use it today. Does formatting affect you? In addition, no one will be able to open your drive and view the files stored on the device.

    To Execute “Database System Patch Type Is RAW. CHKDSK Is No Longer Available For Raw Drives.”

    If a folder system on a random-access drive or external storage device becomes raw, it becomes inaccessible and unusable. To prepare it again for data storage, be sure to convert RAW to NTFS or other Windows-compatible file systems when formatting. After formatting the press, you can give it to a new directory system and make it usable. However, as you may know, formatting will delete files available on the storage device. Thus, these procedures for fixing the error “File type has structure RAW” are as follows:

  • Recover data from RAW disk
  • Format drive
  • You can archive your hard drive directly, even if there is no data on it or if you don’t need the files stored on it.

    Method 1. Recover Data From A RAW Disk Normally

    raw device error

    Although you cannot access these existing files on a RAW drive, a hard drive recovery tool such as the EaseUS data recovery program can. This software does not directly help recover lost data, formatted data, lost partitions, but it also helps recover files taken from drives that have become raw and therefore inaccessible.

    To re-enable data transfer on a RAW disk or storage device:

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  • If a RAW section has a section mark, theYou can indeed select it directly from the move list and click “Scan” to search for lost files. If a RAW partition has lost its label, it will still be identified as “Lost Partition”, just select the main “Lost Partition” and click to start a global scan on the RAW drive.

    After the scan is complete, all available files on the RAW disc will be displayed. Take a look at the files below and find the files the person wants to recover. You can sort all scanned data by file format and search directly in the “Search for file or folder types” field.

    Select all files and click Restore to restore all web data. Select a different internal or external drive to save the recovered data and click “OK” to start restoring the raw drive.

    Method 2: Convert RAW To NTFS/FAT32 By Formatting

    How do I fix a RAW SSD drive?

    Run Check Disk from the command line to really check the drive.Delete the partition using disk management.Perform a secure erase on this drive.Update the SSD firmware to the latest version.If the offer persists, please contact Intel Customer Support for assistance.

    After restoring all archives stored on a RAW drive, anyone can now format the drive using the following three modes:

    Method 1. Format the diSkate Raw with File Explorer

    Step 1: Open This PC, right-click on the RAW partition and select Format.

    Step 2: Select a file system (NTFS, FAT32, or exFAT) for your drive and click Start.

    Step 3. When prompted, select Yes to start formatting the specified drive.

    Method 2. Restore RAW to NTFS/FAT32 using Diskpart

    Diskpart is a command-line utility that experts say can be used to create, delete, and modify a computer’s hard drive, especially partitions, and format partitions.

    Step 1. Press Windows + R, type diskpart, press and press Enter.

    Step 2. Type the following commands, pressing Enter after one line:

    List of volumes
    Select X-Volume (“X” stands for the volume number of the RAW disk)
    fast format fs=ntfs (or fast format fs=fat32)

    Method 3: Change the RAW format to NTFS/FAT32 using the format tool

    If you prefer to use it easily and free of charge, use the partitioning application EaseUS Partition Master to archive your drive. In addition to text formats, supportPowered by the Windows operating system, this unique tool also supports EXT2 and As ext3 formats. Other functions of the tool extend the possibilities of merging, checking and deleting sections.

    To learn how to format a hard drive using EaseUS Partition Master, see How to Format Any Hard Drive in Windows 10

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