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    Client library information is represented as CS_INT. The value encodes three byte-sized components.

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    The archive contains the following macro number to decode the message to display each region separately:

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    CS_LAYER is the unpacked layer position that identifies the generated layer message for the customer’s assortment.

  • CS_ORIGIN – the source of the unpacked message, often used if this is an internal error or it happened outside the client library.

  • CS_SEVERITY Unpacked is the severity you are seeing reactions to. For the total paging severity cost, see Client Library Message Severities and Values.

  • CS_NUMBER – For a specific large level, unpack the speech number that (together) e for severity, level, and source) represents the message.

  • These macros are systematically defined in the header file associated with cstypes.h (which participates in ctpublic.h).

    A commercial application uses these macros, which are split into different parts directly into coocommunication.number four, which can then be displayed separately. See

    for a demo of these great macros.

    Client-Library and CS-Library use Message Plethora components. Offset, root and number as keys to create a localized message. The string is a text message retrieved from the library spot file for the actual application. Like most of the msgstring fields in the cs_clientmsg structure.

    See Open client open and internet computer configuration manualSybase localization file structure platform.

    The text of the error message can be one of the following:

    Program: Command: Origin: Description

  • Subroutine. This is the name of the library procedure in which the error occurred.

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    The existing layer is the new protectA clear description provided on the cslib-related [cslayer] page (for example, CS library localization errors) or in the [ctlayer] section of the ctlib.loc file (for errors from the cslib client library). received.


  • The source, such as a search query or a segment of the [csorigin] cslib.loc file (for CS archive errors) in the [corigin] section or .from ctlib.loc (for client library errors).

  • The description is often an error between excerpts from the description and a very specific section in the respective lodge.

  • The following is an error in US English, but you may have simply returned a string from the client’s preferred callback device:

    Client library error (16843066):

    Gravity(1) Counter(58) Origin(1) Displacement(1)

    ct_bind(): male or female API: external error: format

    The CS_DATAFMT main structure field is required for CS_FMT_UNUSED

    if its data type is pitch.

    Severity Of Client Library Information


    Configuration error

    Table 2-12: Application Severity Information


    User action


    No mistake, I’ve arrived. The slogan has always been informative.

    No action required.


    Sybase detected. Configuration errors include missing localization files, support files, interfaces, in addition to this unknown server url interface file.

    Use your mistakes Stopping proper use may solve the problem.

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    The operation failed, but it can be repeated.

    An example of this type of program is the network you heard about.off

    Colspan=”1″ worth checking to make sure the blog application’s best client view isn’t set, or the client library callback repeats each operation.

    If this message client returns a return value Call CS_SUCCEED, the library repeats the process.

    If a CS_FAIL client callback message arrives, your library will not retry the operation because the connection will be marked as dead. Call ct_close(CS_FORCE_CLOSE) around this chassis. Connect to the parent and then reopen it by calling ct_connect.


    Client colspan=”1″ The library routine generated an error. This error is usually caused by an invalid parameter or sometimes by a sequence call. Linked server will probably be used.colspan=”1″

    Call Ct_cancel(CS_CANCEL_ALL) to disable. Ct_cancel(CS_CANCEL_ALL)CS_SUCCEED Thus, if returned, the connection to the main server may be good. Doing this type of cancellation with an innovative tenant is illegal. Message withdrawal procedure.


    norton antivirus crack

    ResourceAn error will occur. This error is usually caused by a simple malloc error or missing image descriptions. The connection to the server is clearly unusable.

    Call Ct_close(CS_FORCE_CLOSE). To close the partner server and reopen it if necessary, call ct_connect. In the production of packages, it is forbidden to answer these calls daily in any message to the customer. Colspan=”1″


    Uncorrectable colspan=”1″An error returned an explicit channel to the server. servers

    Merges are not used.

    Call Ct_close(CS_FORCE_CLOSE). The server and connection are cleared and optionally reopened by calling ct_connect. It is illegal to make these calls within a specific mail client callback procedure.



    Client library error

    Call to exit the client library, then close the application. it is forbidden to call ct_exit in the messageCallback client procedure.


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