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    Sometimes your system may display an error code indicating that there is no room for new sizes in the latex error. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    1. too many packages;
    2. Programming error simply because newdimen is specified in the associated command definition.

    immediately after the line documentclass. In the case of Correct 2, a specific definition.


    immediately after loading etex; This is important to meet the requirements associated with these packages.


    This trick can be done with the setup class assignment mechanism, which uses registers marked “high”; for example, the insertion form @mpfootnotes uses registers with mobile phone number 254 and last assigned number 234. The insertion class reserves these registers like count, dimen< / code>, skip, box and of course insert in addition to the assigned number. Conversely, commands like newcounter as or newlength start at 11 and up.

    If the last count or length assigned to the mobile number is 233, the following query (with plain LaTeX) will result in a No space message. In this case, by loading etex,the system will instead allocate the actual extended pool to your first free register, i.e. 256 to 32767.

    The packages morefloats and optionally manyfoot assign 18 and 10 setup classes, respectively; however, depending on the load set, collisions may occur; Say in turn which packages loaded before them allocate count registers up to 220: surely there should be no room for future insertion classes.

    latex error no room for new dimension

    The reserveinserts28 command fools its allocation mechanism by claiming that subscribers 206-233 are busy for today, so the requirement for a good new solid register, if the allocated was 217 is kept, go to extended pool without delay. In this amazing way, morefloats and manyfoot can safely practice their missions by occupying openings that are sure to be free, independently available when the package order is loaded (assigned commands conveniently corrected, i.e. do not interfere with the insertion class matching technique).

    As Stephen says in the comment, if morefloats is supposed to be loaded With more than 18 extra floating point numbers (which is the default), at this point the argument for reserveinserts should be changed accordingly. Just add 10 to the number of floats for morefloats if you are definitely using manyfoot.

    With the release of LaTeX on January 1, 2015, an extended mapper has been integrated into part of the kernel, so loading etex is not strictly required, except when the engine uses this e-TeX is used as an extension, which should apply to TeX rebuttals published in the last ten areas.

    Note that older engines that don't normally support such extensions would not recognize loading etex anyway.

    Also, loading morefloats is actually no longer required, as a newer kernel typically provides a extrafloats requirement that overcomes the reserveinserts dilemma . To allocate more than 18 default spaces in drift queues, use extrafloats20 (or number the floats)As many unknowns as you need).

    Other functionality of all etex packages (local register mapping) is now always provided by the elocalloc package.

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    Also by


    I still see

    in the preamble of certain text

    ! No apartment for new dimen
    [email protected] ...else errmessage room (no for new #3)
    l.593 ...xundefined @tempdimd newdimen @tempdimd

    Error. I'm incredibly bored that my document is over 750
    pages. This is the perfect error I'm running into. I use over 300
    packages of this convention. Compatibility issues might be a good
    root cause, but is there an easy way to fix this error? If yes, then

    (I I introduced a lot of facts in .tex format, and l.Is 593 so one in line 593.
    of all the most important documents.)

    Thank you.

    latex error no room for new dimension

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