FIX: Kernel Build Verbose Output

Quick and Easy PC Repair

  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    This user guide will help you if you have detailed kernel build output.

    Purification goals: clean – removes most of the generated files, but keeps the configuration and enough build service to build external modules mrproper – Delete all submitted generated configs + various copy files distclean – mrproper + clean up Lime save and print filesInstallation goals: config – update the current configuration with a line utility nconfig – update the current configuration using the ncurses menu-driven program menuconfig – update the current configuration with a selection-based schedule xconfig – update the current configuration with a Qt-based front end. gconfig – Update the current configuration with a GTK+ based front end. oldconfig – Updates the current configuration using the provided .config as the basis. localmodconfig: Updates the current configuration, disabling unloaded parts. except for those stored in the LMC_KEEP environment variable localyesconfig – update current config by changing local mods to main ones only those obtained by natural variationNew LMC_KEEP defconfig is a new configuration with the default defconfig provided by ARCH. saveefconfig – Save current configuration as ./defconfig (minimum configuration) allnoconfig – a new configuration in which all parameters are given without allesconfig is a new configuration that recognizes all options with yes allmodconfig – new mod configuration selection, although it is possible alldefconfig – New configuration with default program for all characters randconfig – New config with a random response containing all options yes2modconfig – Modify yes and mod answers if possible mod2yesconfig – change the mod’s responses to multiple if possible mod2noconfig – Change mod responses to completely no if possible listnewconfig (empty) List of new options helpnewconfig – lists various new options and help text old defconfig; Same as oldconfig but configures new icons for them. bypass value without prompt tinyconfig electronic Configuring the smallest kernel of the future testconfig – run kconfig unit tests (requires python3, then pytest)Other general goals: all – build targets, all marked with [*]* vmlinux – builds a lightweight kernel* mod- create mods modules_install – install all modules in INSTALL_MOD_PATH (default: /) dir/ (empty) Creates all files in the directory and below dir/file.[ois] – build only the specified target dir/file.ll – build LLVM build file (requires compiler support to create an LLVM installation) dir/file.lst – build only the specified source/build descriptor (requires latest binutils plus latest ( dir/file.ko – build course including end link modules_prepare – configure to create external modules tags/TAGS Generate – meta tags file for publishers Create cscope – cscope index Generating gtags – GNU GLOBAL Index Kernelrelease prints the archipelago of the released version (for use with make -s) kernel version – show version accumulated in makefile (use with -s call) image_name – displays the name of a particular image (for use with execute-s) headers_install – install pure kernel headers in INSTALL_HDR_PATH (Default: ./usr)Static analyzers: checkstack – generate a specification of stack pigs versioncheck – Plausibility check when using version.h includecheck – Checks forOther duplicate header files export list. List of usage of almost all exported symbols headerdep – Detect including cycles in headers coccicheck – Ask Coccinelle Clang Analyzer 1) Check with Clang Sound Analyzer clang-tidy – Check with clang-tidyInstruments: nsdeps – Missing dependencies for creating icon namespacesKernel Self Test: kselftest – build on top, run kernel selftest Compile, Install and Boot the Kernel in Advance Run kselftest on this topic Run Root for full coverage kselftest-all – create a kernel self-test kselftest-install – build and install kernel selftest kselftest-clean – remove all prepared kselftest files kselftest-merge , merges all defined configurations

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