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    Over the past few days, some of our users have reported not finding htmldb f on this site.

    After creating the workspace, I was able to display it on the “About us” page:

    Request Made For URL /pls/htmldb /f Was Not Purchased On This Server And Oracle Application Express I (apex)

    htmldb f was not found on this

    HelloIf you want to install demo application for HTTP server, return the above error.This error occurs in other situations as well. Seemsit is, experts argue that the oracle does not have your required grants!Are there any left after the install task?Thanks. 

    1. Is htmldb the right DAD?2. Correct login and password via Since f a is an enumerated procedure, below arguments Desc must be fback 4SQL>. Find error_log 

    HelloYou can probably find more information in apache/apache/logs there.1. When I launch f in public for a scholarship, the page is usually displayed, but this is clearly not enough, because the error repeats.2. My device installer is an upgrade to proprietary 1.5 which worked fine without absolutely changing  password.3. wwv_flow.accept solves the same permission problem after doing wwv_flow so that the problem goes away and other situations come back faster.4. What are many of us doing with the wdbsvr. There app? a is a series of lines from my local file:[DAD_marvel]connect_string host: 1521: formigaImplicit password = !dGltYW5lbA==Username = htmldb_public_userdefault_page implies development_service_home5. There are my apache.logs. There really is a mistake![Sunday 17:50:23 02 2005] [Client [Error]] [ecid:1104688223: 0] file is not even h:/oracle/product/ 10.1. 0/db_1/apache/apache/htdocs/favicon.ico[Sun Jan 02 2005] 17:58:46 100 [error] on [client.0.0.1] [ecid:1104688726:,0] mod_plsql: /pls/htmldb/f HTTP- 404 ORA-06502: Numeric value pl/sql: or market price errorThanks in advance. Carlos--Them

    Hello!1) You don't need to publicly enable f Wwv_flow or yourself if you have completed a successful installation of htmldb. Seriously, you should check installYYYY-MM-DD_HH-MI in your .log to manually zip to see if something went wrong with the install, which might require you to run those training grants.2) "because the error each returns to others in the situation"yah. Not much information." After (if) you confirm that your htmldb installation is correct, could you please provide us with more details on how to reproduce your shortcomings in "other situations"? If you then provide multiple scripts, feel free to make sure the error emails you provide from (probably error_log) match those scripts.Thanks,Raj

    Gentlemen,similar upgrade problem after HTMLDB from 1.5.1 to 1.6.Before the application was replaced, it worked (only perfect debugging).AFTER the update I had some problems:1. Some pl/sql stored procedures don't work (do not call all) to load past lob reports.2. Doesn't work on most pages - type "edit", traditional redirects with parameters.3. In the event of an unfavorable display for an unknown reason, flag t_today.gif not displayed in (the image catalog exists in BOTH versions of HTMLDB) by attaching alt text to the displayed elements. ThisQuestion: was my stupidity or pushed me away by beings What after installation problem?hp And by the way, the new htmldb interface is intensive. Just IMHO, I don't quite understand the new interface considerations. 

    Hello Yuri...Your second and third cases seem to be related to your Htmldb, images directory although you seem to be aware of this consideration based on the comments on your third issue. However, if you have not yet found the root causes of these problems, please provide more relevant information. For your first two almost problems, everyone could use a little more comparison in "Not working... (not at all)...". Also, regarding your third personal issue, would still make sure your apache alias /i/ correctly points to the new htmldb image file directory (which you should have above your .5, one as shown after installation). installation tasks) instructions.Hey,Rajps - The new UI has been optimized/simplified to make it easier to navigate in a production environment, but you might not listen if your graphics directory isn't quite right. 

    Yuri,"And by the way, a new horror!Clear htmldb interface. Describe"Ask yourself what you don't like and why.Joel 

    htmldb f was not found on this

    I'm still having "/pls/htmldb/f with not was found" issues with a fresh v1.6 install and a database. I think you can see that the /i/ configuration is correct as the other plots are displayed correctly. 

    Hi Wade...recommendedurge not to receive this "message... not found". You should check your company's Apache logs to see if a more meaningful error message appears. If you let us know what error you are experiencing, we may be able to help you.Thanks,Raj .

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  • I got .this .error.... The marvel via.conf password was correct without changing it, and it then worked. 

    HelloBefore installing HTMLDB 1. The database may have been upgraded from to Windows (Microsoft 2000 Server) 6.The problem (error) with my Apache logs is usually the same as Kurt Rachstorfer's, see ORA-06502: (http-404 PL/SQL: counter or errorI'm assuming this is also a database version issue.Like this?What can I try if you yes?

    If you findthat the shared pool does indeed solve your little problem, then you may no doubt encounter this bug 4015165 no. If you're simple, check to see if your platform diagram has come out so far. it's different, and it's all through the means of visiting to do this, to try by phone to use the individual version of the database.Hey,

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