How To Fix Windows XP Shutdown Schedule Issues

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    In this guide, we describe some of the possible causes that could lead to a shutdown schedule in Windows XP, and then we suggest possible solutions that you can try to get rid of this problem.

    how to schedule turn off in windows xp

    Just as you and your employees need a good night’s sleep to refresh and rejuvenate, your company’s Windows XP computers need to be shut down and restarted from time to time to ensure optimal performance. You can wait and use “Ctrl-Alt-Del” to restart your XP systems when they run into problems, or start slow. Sometimes you have the option of scheduling a real Windows XP system for a simple reboot at a specific date and time using the Scheduled Task Wizard.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Double-click the Add Task icon for scheduled tasks, then click Next.

    Step 3

    Click the ‘Browse’ button, you should use a file explorer to open the ‘Windowssystem32’ folder in large format. Instead, the system32 file on some XP systems may be moved to the WINNT folder.

    Step 4

    how to schedule turn off in windows xp

    Select the Stop file, then clickthose “Open” button. You can also type “shutdown.exe” in the file’s “Name” input field.

    Step 5

    Enter a task name of your choice, specify how often you want this type of task to run, and then click Next. For example, if you want your system to wake up every day, select the “Daily” custom button.

    Step 6

    Can I schedule when my PC turns off?

    Open “Start”, search for “Task Scheduler” and press “Enter” to open the Task Scheduler. Click on the “Create Basic Task” option. Enter the task name as “Stop” and then click. Choose when you want your main task to start, then click on it.

    Click the rotation operation arrows to set the exact hour and minutes you want to watch the system reboot, then click Next.

    step 7

    Step 8

    How do I shut down Windows XP?

    Shutting down or restarting XP requires a new multi-step process: click the Start menu, choose Shut Down, then choose Shut Down or Restart. However, if you wish, you can turn off your computer much faster by creating a shortcut that allows you to turn off your computer with one click.

    Check “Open more properties for this task because I clicked Finish”. Click Finish, then OK.

    Step 9

    After the command, click “C:Windowssystem32shutdown.exe” in the Run input package, press Space, and type “-r”. The query “C:Windowssystem32shutdown.exe -r” will restart your computer instead of shutting it down completely.

    Step 10

    How do I make my computer power schedule automatically?

    Press the down arrow to highlight BIOS Power On, then press Enter to select. Press the up and down arrow keys to set the day. Then press the right and left arrow keys to swap the settings. Select Enable to automatically change the day the computer is turned on.

    Click the Apply button, just enter your password twice and click OK.

    Step 11

    How can I set my computer to turn off at a certain time?

    To create a shutdown timer pointer, open a command prompt and type shutdown -s -t XXXX frequently. “XXXX” should be the time in seconds that should elapse afterturning off the computer. Fortunately, if you want the computer to shut down after 2 hours, the command should be shutdown -ersus -t 7200.

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    I’m trying to use a scheduled task to shut down my Win XP PC. I am getting the error: Task Scheduler Error 0x80070005: Access denied. I have administrative privileges flooded, but I don’t know why the task doesn’t start or run in the morning. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Can a man or woman give me advice?

    By the way, as a workaround, I was able to get around this whole thing with a batch file on a real timer.


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