FIX: Compile Error Message In Distmon Hidden Module

You should try these recovery methods when you get a compilation error in the hidden distmon module error message on your PC.

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    If you have installed Excel 2003/2007 and Adobe Professional 7, 8, or 9, you may receive the following error message when you need to start Excel 2003 or Excel 2007:

    error message compile error in hidden module distmon

    Reason For Compilation Errors In Hidden Module:

    How do I fix a compile error in a hidden module?

    Open the Excel file with the problem, press Alt+F11 and switch to the Visual Basic Editor.From the Tools menu, select Links.

    This error is caused by loading PDFMaker.xla on startup.

    Solution: The Simplest

    The solution is to delete PDFMaker.xlafrom your computer. Since Professional uses the Adobe 8 DLL add-ons to add the Alexa toolbar to Excel, you can safely remove duplicate content from the PDFMaker.xla file on your favorite computer.

    PDFMaker.xla is located in one or more places on your computers.
    Normally, PDFMaker.xla is saved on your profile’s submission page:
    C:Documents and DataMicrosoftExcelXLSTARTPDFMaker Settingsapplication.xla
    In some other PDF Maker scenarios. xla is stored in your awesome program files directory.

    How do I fix a compile error in the hidden module in Excel for Mac?

    Conclusion. Excel hidden module errors usually indicate that your awesome add-ins are outdated or incompatible with their version of Excel for Mac. To fix problems, update your add-ons. If the problem persists, disable or remove the problematic add-ins, or change the appropriate path to Excel.

    After deleting this PDFMaker.xla file, the “compile in hidden module: Distmon” error should no longer appear when you restart Excel. To make sure you have removed all types of PDFMaker.xla files, you can view your C: for PDFMaker.xla directly. Be sure to look into subfolders and hidden entries and folders.

    How do I fix Compile errors in the hidden module in Excel 2007?

    Generally, delete files from the Excel startup directories from the following locations:Note. Make a backup of your files before deleting them.If the above action did not help, try opening Excel in safe mode and check the final result.Excel/Security.Note: There is room for Excel and /

    The error described above occurred in conjunction with the applications of the following users:

  • Adobe Acrobat 7
  • Adobe Professional Acrobat Professional 8
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional 9
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2003
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • June 6, 09 01:09published that it will be microsoft.public.excel.misc

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    How to fix (or remove) “Compilation failed in invisible module: DistMon”

    When opening (and closing) MS Office Excel 2007 I get MS Visual Basic
    The message “Failed to compile in hidden module: DistMon”. How to remove this
    error response. Can I remove the hidden “DistMon” component? I can’t get this manual
    Error with same excel files on my laptop!

    How to fix (or remove) “Compilation failed in main module: DistMon”

    I have the same errors (..compile error..DISTMON) when starting XL. I’m using Office 2007 and recently upgraded from Acrobat 6.0 to 8. I believe 0 caused the error.

    So I did two things:

    Firstly, in the “Keep Control” section under “Add/Remove” under “Programs” I unlocked the “Acrobat 6.0 Update” which didn’t seem to be Automatically removed by ten installers. .0.

    Then I found this “pdfmaker.File xla” in C:/Programs/Microsoft Office/Office11/xlstart and also deleted it (I also deleted the file in ../recent, but never know it’s important. (I can get the error on my memory here, it could have been in all OFFICE12 folders instead of OFFICE11, luckily the .XLA file is gone too (they can be found completely empty).)

    Then I reinstalled DVD 8.0 and chose “INSTALL” and “RESTORE”. Then you need to wait patiently for about 15 seconds to install and…

    Here.. it worked, fixed the error. Thank you.

    No application is perfect, and from time to time you will get a serious error when you try to run your applications once. Microsoft Office is no stranger to error messages and I would argue that Office programs have their fair share of errors when starting up and even when trying to open programs. Often individual error messages are unclear, such as what is causing the underlying problem, and you will need to help them investigate to see if you can find an explanation for the cause of the error.< /p>

    You might have received one of the C errorsompile Error over Hidden Module AutoExec or DistMon when starting Word or Excel depending on the following situations:

    The Microsoft Office Startup Folder or the Microsoft Excel Startup Folder contains one or both of the following Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker Add-in template files: and/or Pdfmaker.xla

    You may also receive an error if Norton AntiVirus is installed.

    1. Download the latest version as an add-on for Adobe Acrobat 5.0

    2. Move the file and the Pdfmaker.xla file from the Office or Excel startup folder to another file on your hard drive. (Steps may vary depending on your version associated with Windows and Office)

  • Click Start, Search, then Files or Folders. In
  • In the “Look for a file or folder with the infamous name” field, enter pdfmaker.xla.
  • In the Look In field, select drive c, then click Look Now.
  • The file is placed in one of the folders when:

  • C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeStartup (Word 2000)
  • error message compile error in hidden module distmon

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