How To Fix Error 550 In Windows Live Mail Easily

Over the past week, some of our readers have reported Windows Live Mail error 550.

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    When you receive error 550 in an email client such as Windows Live Mail, it usually indicates that the outgoing mail server is not responding. If an outgoing mail server goes down, there is little you can do other than wait for the server to come back up.

    The following steps should fix Windows Live Mailing Server Error 550 1:

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    error 550 sur windows live mail

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    Because it is a legacy client, calling Windows Live Mail also has various issues as these users experience a common error. The most likely errors are: “Windows Live Mail ID Error 0x800ccc79, Site Error 550.” This is the error that pain faces.A number of Windows Live users that no longer allow them to freely use it. So, here we have found some of the best tricks for fixing such errors.

    error 550 sur windows live mail

    There are many problems with Windows Live Mail, including unstable communication with your email program, lost email, spoofed message metadata, and more. Microsoft has since discontinued the free email client. However, some other users use it as an email exchange and savepoint program because it is compatible with almost all variants of the Windows operating system.

    Windows Live Mail Error 0x800ccc79:

    How do I fix Windows Live Mail Error 550?

    Run the installer.allow changes. In the new window (UAC) that appears, simply click Yes to allow the application to make changes.

    This error usually occurs when this Windows Live Mail user tries to deliver a message to a specific recipient. However, this error message occurs before the user compares it with the sent message:

    How do I fix Windows Live Mail errors?

    Solution to fix this amazing problem Try running Windows Live Mail as an administrator on the compatibility system. Try reconfiguring your Windows Live Mail account. Delete the existing WLM account and create a new body. Try reinstalling Windows Essentials 2012 on Windows 10.

    The message could not be sent because the recipient was rejected by the corresponding server. Rejected, email address was “[email protected]”. Subject “****”, account: “”, server: “”, etc Tocol: SMTP, server response: “relay 550 without port: allowed”. ‘, 465, secure (SSL): yes, server error: 550, error number: 0x800CCC79

    Now let’s talk more about the main causes and causes of the error.

    Causes Of Server Error: 550 Windows Live Mail 0x800ccc79

  • PST files may be corrupted
  • Create a fake Outlook configuration
  • The PST file matches the specified file size in terms of size
  • Problem connecting POP3 and STMP protocols to the database server
  • Lack of integration between server and Outlook
  • Possibly invalid username or password
  • Viral infection
  • Symptoms Of Error 0x800ccc79 In Outlook:

  • If the same software is running, your company computer often crashes with error 0x800ccc79.
  • The message “Error 0x800ccc79” appears and the busy system window freezes.
  • Windows is slow and takes its toll on mouse or keyboard input.
  • The message “Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800ccc79” is displayed.
  • Occasionally, the computer freezes for a few seconds.
  • What is the latest version of Windows Live Mail?

    What is the latest version associated with Windows Live Mail? The last type is Windows Live Mail 2012, “Wave 5” text, available as a route to Windows Vista, Windows 7, then Windows 8. If you’re getting Windows XP, the latest version available is Windows Live Mail ’09 (“Wave 3”) ).

    Now that inIf you know the very good reasons and symptoms behind this, let’s move on to the known methods of fixing the error.

    Troubleshooting Strategies For “Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x800ccc79 Server Error 550”:

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  • If an error message appears while soaking the application

    How do I repair Windows Live Mail in Windows 10?

    If necessary, go to the Control Panel.In the Programs section, click Uninstall Absolute Program.Find Windows Live Essential and click Uninstall/Change.If a window appears, select Repair all Windows Live programs.Reboot electronics after repair.

    This scenario typically occurs when tn’s outbox contains a locked post office. Below are the steps to fix this problem:

    Method 1: Enable Or Disable Offline Mode

  • Let’s look at the Windows Live Mail app first.
  • If the error code disappears, go to File >> Work Offline. This option forces the real application to run in the recognized mode.
    • Next, go to your Outbox and select an email message. Right-click the setting and choose to remove it.

  • Then go to File >> Work Offline and disable real world mode.
  • Then close the application and restart the appropriate device.
  • Check if an error occurs on startup Windows Live Mail devices.

    The server does not deliver the message to the recipient, which indicates problems in the hosting settings. This error is generated on SMTP which disables this SMTP authentication. So start by restoring SMTP by doing the following:

    Method 2: Enable SMTP Settings

  • Launch an application like Windows Live Mail first.
  • Then buy your account and right click it. Now select the Properties option.
  • Go to the Servers tab > Outgoing Sites.
  • After that, check “My outgoing server requires authentication” and click OK.