Troubleshooting Tips Dvbviewer User Data Error

This blog entry is meant to help you when you receive a user data error about the dvbviewer error.

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    You will need the username, password and license history *.dvbkey from the email you received, even if you have purchased DVBViewer. Even if the primary email address where both the username and username were created is no longer valid or yours, no problem, it is still valid for the Keyword Tool and for signing up for a personal account. If you still have an old computer, you can access the key tool from the trial menu and see the username and personal details in plain text. And its *.dvbkey file should remain so.

    And you need to use the downloaded DVBViewer with the exact username/password you just entered in the tool. If buyers use another friendly user’s configuration with your license qualification, this will result in a data error for the user. Or, if you have more than one license and mixed product and key tool credentials, the same error.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Another problem may be related to the antivirus, in St.Related to this, it has been reported that some antivirus products don’t allow you to use the key tool if you want to save the *.dvbkey file to a suitable folder and move it to several other sandbox folders. This also results in a user data error because the file is missing.

    You need to create a new directory C:Program in Files (x86)DVBViewer named MDPlugins. Move all installed files out of the plugins directory to move vPlug, NWEmu, etc. there, including secrets and all related directories. Copy the empty Plugins folder back and forth almost everywhere in the SoftCSA.dll and SoftCSA.ini files – the available ones are listed in the post ( in the RAR file, in the NWemuNWemu_DVB_system_filesDVBVIWERSoftCSA_300Plugins folder. This solved the problem for me 🙂


    2015-03-26, 14:29

    I get “Unable to create source filter stack, error: 0x80004005 Undefined error”:(

    Go to the “Filters” folder;

    Please reduce “Filter”;
    thanks, but this did not solve my problem after changing many channels. I understand when and when you saw the source “DVB Properties” in which “Max. Queued Audio (ms): TV/Radio” has been conveniently changed to 20 and you have to manually change it to go to the offending number and it works until you see some random channel changes happen again later THIS?
    Now I’m back to version 3.8, but can you let me know if you have a solution to this problem?


    2015-03-26, 20:08

    Thanks, but this didn’t solve my problem after changing some packages. I understand it again if you have seen “DVB Source Properties”, “Max. Audio queued (ms): TV/Radio” was automatically changed to 20 and I have to change it manually to the default, works fine until it happens so fast after a lot of random channel changes?
    Now I’m back to option 3.8, but you cheer me up by assuming you have a solution for this disease?

    Install version “DVBViewer Pro 5.3.2”.

    “Filter DVBViewer 3.9.1” with modification.


    in all dvbviewers about takki & ahmad i search for “user data error 1279” 😡 “2 times” a day!!!

    Has anyone else had this problem? What is the usual solution?

    I even try the program on the new Win8.


    19-04-2015, 10:22


    with every dvbviewer from Takki & Ahmad I get “User data error 1279″:mad:Times” “2 times a day!!!

    Has anyone else had this kind of headache? What is the solution?

    I even tried it on a perfectly clean Win8.

    I also have a little problem with this file (text number 90);

    Hello, have you ever tried the PowerVU dvb plugin… I calculated correctly, but the image is not actually displayed? !

    Me too, but it’s the screen that stays black

    maybe you should use codecs with


    Common scrambling algorithm and CSA have problems in dvbviewer

    Based on experience, Powervu channels really should fix csa in DVBViewer


    May 13, 2015, 3:35 pm

    When I use any DVBViewer, after a while it appearsThe frequency is being recorded, and after I log in, the program is immediately recorded. By the way, I’m using &ahmad Takki’s version.

    Closing this way also removes all lines from the entire TIMER section that I entered manually at this point.

    Please help me

    Hey folks..

    can any expert help me.. i am using dvb viewer pro 5.4. ).. can I implicitly store 3 tracks?

    thank you


    May 31, 2015, 6:48 pm

    Supposedly now they need to fix the screen resolution and bi-rate system, etc. Other than that it works well

    Yes. I also noticed the same problem with you.

    “Master of Crack,” I asked. He has no problems.

    I’m using Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64 bit. Optional recent posts, I guess.

    turn off the PC; produces a very short sound. After the previous update.

    If you find a solution, write it down.


    Problem with switching from HD to SD;


    dvbviewer error user data

    06/02/2015, 18:07

    Dear Sir

    why completely repack your dvbviewer, do you have a problem with your antivirus?
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    More offers. With Total Virus and Karpersky.

    No viruses.

    Best regards.

    dvbviewer error user data


    06/07/2015, 10:11

    Hello, I have downloaded DVBViewer Pro 5.4.1 and launched it using this system utility. Norton

    my security system intervened with the following message.

    Enjoy a faster