Steps To Troubleshoot An Antivirus Domain Controller Configuration Issue

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    Sometimes a message appears on your computer that you are configuring an anti-virus domain controller. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    configure antivirus domain controller

    I realize this is quite an old thread, although II felt that the topic was not fully discussed, since the only topic of conversation was Aka, about anti-virus software protection on the DC server.


    How do I enable defender in group policy?

    Sort policy in the search bar. Then select “Edit HR policy results” from the list of HR policy results. Local Group Policy Editor starts to respond. Select Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates Components > Windows > Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

    1.) In my opinion, software has come a long way in terms of efficiency, but there are pitfalls. Not only is AV potentially harmful, but AV tends to consume memory instead of freeing it, but it’s useless in a production environment, can you really afford it? Oh.

    configure antivirus domain controller

    2.) Think about it…. When your first level defense starts on your DC and other servers, you’ve defeated more than half of them in the past. Why would anyone want their security system to start connecting internally to their servers???? It’s often foolish to start building active defense resistance against threats at the core of the networked universe. If you actively protect this protection of your security model, you should infiltrate the network where your network was destroyed by hackers and try your best to save your network (yes, your network is no longer connected to the products). and on the outside, you are probably actively fighting infection on the inside),that’s how much better it should be to run your good DC protection on other computer systems as well. Filter threats and proactively protect against threats before they hit your servers. How good? Point 3.

    3. For this reason, some CCIE/CCNP make a lot of money. Any decent organization will decide to buy some Cisco/Barracuda/Juniper hardware, or maybe get a complete Le hardware solution (because antivirus software isn’t even close to cutting mustard). Most antivirus programs (even those often considered enterprise editions from McAfee, Symantec, Norton, etc., etc.) simply don’t provide the same level of protection as the installation from Cisco’s ironports or other extreme products from all major vendors. . . For some $10,000 of your IT budget, you can actually get some very decent protection that antivirus software simply can’t provide.

    How do I add anti Virus exclusions?

    Select > Start > Settings > Security > Update > Windows Security > Virus & Threat Prevention. In the Virus & Threat Engines section, select Manage settings, then for Exclusion, select Add Add Add or Remove. Select “Add”, then “Exclusion”, choose from files, file types, folders or otherEss. group

    4.) Have I reduced the av software to the correct size so that I can restore it in this Software way? provision for AV, I on irreplaceable workstations/PC “users”, without exception. You prevent any ignorant or malicious person from harming/destroying your service providers from the outside, for example by storing them on your USB drive. stay away from and at home try to copy to your workstation some of the tasks they did last night at home. This is the only legitimate reason for good antivirus software. That’s why antivirus software was developed (the Vienna virus), for no other reason, fu

    Should you install antivirus on servers?

    If there is an antivirus program designed specifically for your device software, use it. It might cost more than anything, but trust us, it’s worth it because this generic product probably won’t give you enough protection. For the few servers mentioned above, the complete absence of computer viruses is indeed better than having a real universal solution.

    5.) Anyway…your DC might not get any benefit from this, maybe because it doesn’t have software AV on it. Your webservers, db-server, will suffer, no software antivirus unless people are actually under a known and ongoing attack (you’ll find out first hand, thanks to IronPorts, etc, … in point 3).

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • 6.) Finally, if you can’t afford a good Cisco or Juniper installation, choose Linux! If you have a suitable spare computer or two, you can explore the options some open source solutions available on the web… they are powerful… and also, as shown in the selected answer above, they must be properly configured. Remember that Ccie/ccnp guy I was talking about? Yes.


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  • Should a domain controller have antivirus?

    antivirus software on all domain controllers in the company is currently adequate. Ideally, try to install the software on all other servers, not to mention client systems that need to connect domain controllers to the domain.

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    How do I enable or disable a domain controller?

    You can enable or disable the domain controller to receive marriage data by checking the box next to the provided icon. To remove the corresponding domain controller, click the remove icon. Note: The free version retrieves the actual event data. But the data that I recovered during the last trial / license period is in the report.