How To Fix BIOS Modification Problems In Win98se

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    Here are some easy ways that can help solve win98se BIOS modification problem.


    Windows may not shut down if ACPI is set to [Disabled] in the system BIOS power management configuration.

    You can open the desired CDWindows 98 shipped with your current ect48.Open

    change bios in win98se

    Control Panel first, then System, then Device Manager, then System Devices.

    Quick and Easy PC Repair

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • The first three devices that see the device shown in fig. 1 should look something like this:

    If your first system device looks like the image below, it’s a pair.

    How do I change my BIOS information?

    How to edit solution information in BIOS? Turn on your computer, then immediately press this Esc key several times until the Start menu opens. Press F10 to unlock the BIOS setup utility. Select the “File” tab, use the pointer down to select “System Information”, at this point press “Enter” to find the BIOS revision(s) and date.

    Press the delete key during boot to enter the system BIOS.
    In most cases, on the first screen, press the down arrow to highlight Power Management Configuration and press Enter.
    The first option is also an ACPI feature, while it can be [Disabled]. Press the Page Up key to permanently change the value to [Enabled].
    Press f10 to save and exit.

    Allow Windows 98 to boot.
    Open the control panel.
    Open Add New Hardware. Click the “Next” button until you are prompted to search for new hardware.
    When prompted, select Yes and let Windows search for new hardware. After Windows detects the new hardware, review some information.information about discovered new equipment. Complete the installation.
    It should display the ACPI (Advanced Power and Interface Configuration) BIOS if new hardware has been detected. Close our own data and install the latest hardware.

    If necessary, drivers can be found on the Win CD 98.

    How do I get into BIOS on Windows 98?

    When booting up, lightly press the “Del” key to enter the system BIOS. On the first screen, press the down arrow key to highlight Power Management Configuration and press Enter. The first option is the ACPI feature, if it is [Disabled], press the Page Up multimedia key to change the benefits to [Enabled]. Press “F10” to help and exit.

    Reboot our own computer.
    After loading Windows. Open Control Panel, then Device Manager and check devices to see if new devices are added first or not.
    It should definitely look like the picture above.
    Close Device Manager and turn off Windows. After that, the computer should turn off.

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    Everyone has their own way of installing Win9x. It’s personal. I do not intend to be complete, but an exhaustive guide for this. This is of course not a guide. It’s just an option that I like to do. Almost everything in my talk is optional. Heck, the simple things you really need to get Win98SE working is that you can install it on yourself and on your device. Otherwise, it all depends on your personal preferences.

    I’ve been wanting to l post this skill here on VOGONS. I welcome constructive criticism and hope it inspires me to post my own anticipated ways to make things work. I also hope this will most likely help other people who haven’t evolved and grown old in this hobby, even though I did. We have much more than a few members who are learning something for the first time; They had no advantage in being there when new details came out.

    Can BIOS settings be changed from Windows?

    Windows 10 cannot change or modify BIOS system settings. The BIOS settings can only be updated using firmware updates and running the BIOS update utility provided by the manufacturer of the entire PC.

    This is the first report on how I usually set up personal Win98SE systems. I usually install more software than this, but I consider it the backbone of my systems. Please keep in mind that I don’t use more than 512MB of RAM. Benchmarking 3DMark2001SE was a little lower when I used 768MB of RAM. Others have also reported issues after running over 512MB. I prefer not to cause problems, but now I use from 256 MB to 512 MB. These instructions assume that even customers are using between 256MB and 512MB of RAM. If you are using more or less RAM, you can adjustth system.ini file in a different way.

    Over the years, my method of installing Win98SE has changed as I have gained more knowledge and experience. So this post will change over time as I add new and better tips and tricks from others. I will accept people when it happens.

    change bios in win98se

    Basic general installation instructions for Win98SE
    NOTE. Do not purchase the upgraded version of Win98SE. Make sure you are running a good full version of Windows 1997 Second Edition without updates. (Thanks to yawetaG Giorfo.)

    Disable ACPI
    If your BIOS has an option to disable ACPI, a person should disable it. On many systems, it may be called “APIC”, “IPCA”, or a specific program if you prefer. Also set the BIOS capability for “Plug n Play OS” to “NO” if you don’t have a PCI sound card. If you have a PCI sound card, set the “Plug Play OS” BIOS setting to “YES”.
    This is a practical recommendation. With Win2K, ACPI becomes much more stable and standardized. In Win98SE, ACPI was extremely unreliable and could cause issues such as hang on restart/player crash

    hardware configuration
    Create and formatThere is one primary and active FAT32 partition.
    There are many other ways to partition an entire hard drive. You can make it easier to share and create sections that can be downloaded multiple times. For ease of use and consistency in this guide, I’m assuming we’re only using one primary active partition. Feel free to separate the theme and your main system as you see fit and translate my instructions accordingly.

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