How To Get Rid Of The Business Inkjet 1000 Error Code

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    In this article, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that might be causing Business Inkjet 1000 error codes and then provide possible fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

    0x00 (equals 0) OK. see pen_fault.cb_result. Also for 2nd statement in network debugging

    0x01 (1) CB_32V_STUCK_ON (short FET in PCB main logic)

    0x04 (4) CB_5V_TOO_LOW cart to help you with PCA. (?? must be an A2D value.)

    0x05 (5) CB_5V_TOO_HIGH to vehicle PCA. Is (?? an A2D value.)

    0x06 (CB_12V_TOO_LOW 6) on the vehicle’s PCA. Is (?? an A2D value.)

    0x07 ( CB_12V_TOO_HIGH 7) to be able to transport the PCA. Yes (?? usually A2D.)

    0x08 (8) CB_32V_TOO_LOW to PCA Cart. Is (?? value A2D.()

    0x09 9) CB_32V_TOO_HIGH on vehicle PCA. Is (?? an A2D value.)

    0x0A ( 10) CB_VPP1_TOO_LOW (?? – sampling in volts)

    0x0B (11) CB_VPP1_TOO_HIGH (?? Reading in volts)

    0x0C (12) CB_VPP2_TOO_LOW (?? Reading in volts)

    0x0D (13) CB_VPP2_TOO_HIGH (?? This is the reading in volts)

    0x0F (15) CB_NO_MICCI_DEVICES (probably no faulty automotive circuit board/cable)

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • 0x14 ( 20) Disabled during scanPen health codes (?)

    0x16 ( 22) Synergy completely reset (detected after measurement error).

    0x17 (23) Sensor point short (5V to ground) causing interoperability error.

    0x18 (CB_SYNERGY_12V_LOST 24) Synergy is closing. (??=1 when retesting)

    0x19 ( 25) Vpp2 black regulator lost (off) (??: see ERR_ID below)

    0x1A ( 26) Vpp1 color controller lost (turned off) (??: see ERR_ID below)

    business inkjet 1000 error codes

    0x1E ( 30) Vpp black calibration error (?? means KVpp voltage – >5V required)

    0x1F ( 31) Vpp color calibration error (?? = CMY voltage Vpp – required > 5V)

    0x20 (32) CB_ENDEAVOUR_MISSING but Synergy detected (bad CB)

    0x22 (34) CB_ENDEAVOUR_A2D_BAD (bad CB) (?? matches reading a2d)

    0x23 ​​(35) CB_PENS_NOT_POWERED if the routine thinks it’s really needed

    0x24 ( 36) CB_SPOT_LED_BAD Spotlight pointing backwards, sensor missing (??a2d)

    0x26 (38) CB_DIMPLE_FLEX_BAD_HW CB hardware error (??a2d)

    0x2E (46) CB_SYNERGY_LOST_12V Synergy ends. (no sclk or even OT)(??:ERR_ID)

    0x2F ( 47) 32V close to low when Synergy positive reset detected (??=a2d)

    0x30 (48) Black +5V on when it should Shut down (??: a2d)

    0x31 (49) Lights blue +5V when it should be off (??: a2d)

    0x32 (50) Magenta +5V on when normally off (??: a2d)

    0x33 (51) Yellow +5V on when it should be off (??: a2d)

    0x34 (52) Black +12V on if idea should be off (??: a2d)

    0x35 (53) +12V blue on shutdown (??: a2d)

    0x36 (54) Magenta +12V where it should be off (??: a2d)

    0x37 (55) yellow +12V on when it should be off (??: a2d)

    0x38 (56) CB_NO_ACUMEN_PULLUP (bad CB or new device ground signaling line)

    0x3B (59) Acumen HW9 Errors (Bad Endeavor – Doesn’t do multibyte transfer) (Bad CB)

    0x3C (60) Acumen multibyte read error (bad CB) (interim test only)

    0x3D (61) Acumen Bus Fight on all cool gadgets (interim test only)

    0x3E (62) Minor Acumen bus startup error on all technology products (baseline only)

    0x3F (63) Acumen bus stop bit error for all manufacturers (center line test only)

    0x40 (64) Pen hardware ownership error (?? = old/new identifier)

    0x41 (65) Hardwarepen property Specify invalid selection (?? = old/new id)

    0x43 (67) Thermal shutdown synergy (?? See ERR_ID below)

    0x44 (68) 5V too low on sled PCB when retesting. (?? is usually an A2D value.)

    0x45 (69) Too low twelve volts for PCA cart when retesting. (?? is A2D some value.)

    0x46 (70) Vpp2 (black) voltage too high when to check – (?? volts)

    0x47 (71) Vpp1 (color) voltage too high when it should be off – (?? volts)

    business inkjet 1000 error codes

    0x48 (72) Vpp2 (black) failed voltage drop experiment (?? 0 or resistance/10)

    0x49 (73) Vpp1 (color) voltage drop test failed (?? 0 or possibly resistance/10)

    0x4A (74) Unable to set note voltage compensation register in Synergy (?? 0:K, 1:CMY)

    0x4B (75) Make no mistake Vpp2 (black pen control) (reg.?? clipping)

    0x4C (76) Make no mistake Vpp1 (color pen control) (?? crop reg.)

    What are the brother printer errors?

    There are undoubtedly many problems with Brother printers. Too much, right? As a system administrator, you know it’s inevitable—failure to print, toner replacement, drum error, paper jam, and other error codes.

    0x4D (77) Unable to disable 12V regulator (?? statusreg)

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