Steps To Resolve MSN Error Code 80048820

In recent days, some readers have encountered an error message with the code 80048820 error msn. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let’s discuss this below.

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    1) Your system clock may show the wrong time or date! (Bad period is the most likely consequence of 80048820). 2) Incorrect proxy settings for Internet Explorer. 3) Problems with the firewall.

    MSN Messenger Error Code Is 80048820

    Symptoms You Are Experiencing

    If you start MSN Messenger and even try to log in, you’ll get error 80048820. It’s a wild guess that the system time or date needs to be moved.

  • Possible Cause MSN 80048820
  • Solutions for MSN error code 80048820
  • Possible Cause Of Code 80048820

    There are several reasons for this error:

    1) Incorrect proxy setting for Internet Explorer.

    2) softpub.dll can no longer be registered.

    80048820 code error msn

    3) Your system clock may not show the correct time and date! or (Wrong time is always the most likely cause with respect to 80048820).

    4) Firewall issues. Especially with Netgear.

    Solutions For MSN Error Code 80048820

    80048820 code error msn

    Internet Explorer. Try removing the pause next to Internet Explorer’s “Proxy Server” settings, instead go to “Auto-detect settings”.

    1) Launch the Internet Click “File Explorer”, “Tools”, then “Internet Options”. In the chat window
    Internet Options, navigate to the Connection Costs section.
    Click LAN settings. Uncheck “Use a proxy server for your awesome LAN settings” (they are not implemented for dial-up or VPN connections). Finally, turn on: complete “Auto-detect settings”.

    2) Register softpub.dll.

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  • Click Start (button), then click Run, type softpub regsvr32.dll. Restart MSN Messenger. See also error 81000314

    3) Code If necessary, log in as an administrator and set the computer call to the correct date and time. (Check online if necessary.)

    4) Temporarily disable the firewall. Check firewall events such as Norton: “Block access to help you with secure websites.” If this is re To solve the problem, make sure Microsoft’s MSN Messenger has full access through your firewall.

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    Common But Classic Methods

  • Gather data for troubleshooting. Pay attention to what exactly is the main problem. Shortly after you notice the symptoms, something magical happens.
  • Ask: What was the last component that changed on your computer? Especially with changes in antivirus software. Cancel!
  • Can you reproduce the problem: on random attempts this works. Otherwise, you might get a nice error other than 80048820.
  • Find the basics: hardware (modem),software, your device, and MSN.
  • Call a friend! Seriously suggest to your MSN friends who have the same problem, if so, these are the pages if not back to the drawing board.
  • Try Solarwinds Web Transaction Watcher
  • MSN Error Code Summary 80048820

    If you’re suffering from MSN error code 80048820, check your system clock. If the time and date are correct, try disabling the firewall.

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